Sharp Step is a consultancy service run by Jonathan Booth specializing in video games programming offering my services.

I have worked as a programmer in the games industry for the past 9 years and in this time have helped to ship multiple AAA titles on both the PC and the leading console platforms. I am a versatile and flexible programmer and most recently was a part of the core technology team at Pivotal Games.

In this role I've spent a lot of my time working on optimization graphics engines and lighting solutions. I have skills and experience writing code and shaders for DirectX on the PC and the XBox 360 and also for the PS3 in both HLSL/Cg and in DX shader assembly. I'm most experienced as a C/C++ programmer and am familiar not just with DirectX but with OpenGL and a many other SDKs. I have also spent some time learning other languages such as Java and am adept at picking up new languages, tooklits and technologies.

After leaving Pivotal Games I didn't go far - work wise as I've been contracting for them. The reason for the change has been because I've relocated from the UK to the Philippines for personal reasons.