Problems with opengl drivers on AMD/ATi

So I decided to check the first version of the Plane Game on some different machines. I know it works on Windows/Linux on my main PC and on my laptop. However since the laptop hard drive died I’ve not run it on there. Also I’ve a second computer here, running an ATi gfx card at the moment so I though I’d try it on there.

It wouldn’t run on the ATi 2600 PRO card at all. I figured out the problem was that there were openGL extensions missing – specifically the ones to let me load and bind shaders. The shaders don’t do anything fancy and I’d only implemented that to check I could load shaders on OpenGL. Anyway after much digging I discovered that GLView reports that my card only supported open GL version 1.1. Which is odd as it’s a DX10 class card and should do GL 2 easily. I finally figured out the problem, GLView also listed the OpenGL driver as being nvoglnt driver which after a little help from Google I discovered was the Nvidia OpenGL driver. So I went to add and remove programs from the control panel and discovered I’d got 2 different versions of the Nvidia drivers installed (one ASUS branded and one generic NVidia forceware). When swapping 3D cards around doing compatibility testing I’d forgotten to remove them. Although it didn’t stop D3D from working it had messed up GL. I removed these and the ATi drivers for good measure, rebooted and installed the latest ATi drivers and now all is good… OpenGL drivers for 2.1 – phew!

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