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Remote work – is it going to happen?

Monday, March 9th, 2009

So I’ve been searching high and low for some remote work for a while now.  Sadly I’ve not had much success, despite being able to work for a pretty good discount compared to folks in the west.  I suspect folks are going back to basic with the world economic situation.

My family life has changed as we now have a baby on the way!  This does mean that I need to take life perhaps a little more seriously than I have.  Much as I’m enjoying playing around with my engine and trying to drum up some work and income, real responsibilities and deadlines are starting to loom ever closer.  So we’ve decided that for now we may have to put the dream on hold – or just change the dream.  So now I’ve officially started looking for in house positions around the world.  Ideally I want to find somewhere that’s either relatively local to here in the Philippines or has a decent Filipino ex-pat community as I want my wife to be happy and feel at home, especially as she’s expecting!  Also of course I’m looking for something that is a great opportunity with a good company too.  Ideally I want to find something that fills all three requirements!

So the new dream is to be able to build a stable and happy home environment for our family to grow in!!!

New challenges

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Welcome to my brand new blog.  So why have I setup this web site and blog? Well as the front page say’s I’m a freelance games programmer. This is a blog for covering news and my thoughts for all things computer/technology related in both my professional life as well as hobby ideas. I’ve set up this site for a number of reasons. If anyone reading this knows me I’ve also got a personal blog where I try to keep my friends and family informed and in touch – however I’m pretty poor at posting there and my facebook account is probably a better way!

Firstly I feel it would be appropriate to have a site to send to prospective clients so that they can get an idea about who I am. Secondly I want somewhere I can talk to the world in general about my strange ideas and pet projects. This was all catalyzed however by the very sad demise of Pivotal Games a place where I was originally working in house and then more recently have been contracting for. I’ve been working with Pivotal almost since the very beginning, I’ve worked on every title they produced and it’s very sad. I’m hoping that some kind of phoenix will be able to rise from the ashes – they’re a very hard working and talented team and deserve to continue on and produce more great games.

So why did I leave Pivotal and become a contractor. Simply my private life interfered – for the better! I found myself in love and married to a wonderful Filipina – Lea. She wasn’t so happy living in Bristol (UK) and missed her home. I personally found the lure of living in the beautiful Philippine islands very strong indeed and so out we came. Both Pivotal and I wanted out professional relationship to continue and so now here I am.