I've been working on a small game engine and have built a small game around it. This game is currently dubbed 'Plane Game' as it involves aeroplanes and is played on a geometrical plane.
The current public version is available for windows here - please note this is only a very early version and not complete

The engine is built with the following aims:
This game is in it's infancy and is a throwback to some games I used to play - Sopwith (PC), BIP (Amiga), Wings of fury(Amiga) and even Barnstorming(Atari 2600). The player controls an aeroplane and your aim is to destroy enemy planes and tanks.

,Pitch anticlockwise
/Pitch clockwise
-Tab-Reset world to start
-Escape-Quit game

To take off and maintain speed whilst in flight hold down the X button, then fly and shoot.

I'm keeping a to-do list for the game, in no particular order:
Please do send me any comments you may have.